Born and raised in New York, Frank Randall moved to Minnesota in the late ’80s, joining the hotbed of musical activity taking place in Minneapolis at the time. He and Austin, MN native David Downey formed the Sycamores in 1990, releasing Self-titled EP (Crackpot, 1993), and the full-length albums The Sycamores (Rag and Bone Shop, 1994—recorded at Paisley Park), Listening Skills Program (Veto, 1996), and Realizer (Veto, 1999). Side projects along the way included the release of Ono (1998), the debut release of Randall’s college rock band Van Gogh’s Ear. 

2006 saw the release of Good Loser Club, Randall’s collaboration with New York recording artists Mark Lerner, Mark Donato, and Chris Erikson. 

In 2009, Randall and New York guitarist Chris Eriskon co-wrote the song “On the Way Down”, which appeared on Erikson’s 2012 album Lost Track of the Time

From 2010-2015, Randall supported singer-songwriter, Pete Hofmann, on bass and guitar at live performances and in the studio. 

In 2013 Randall co-founded Slim Town Singles, a cooperative music label and benefit for Replacements guitarist Bob “Slim” Dunlap. The online label released 35 songs inspired by Dunlap and performed mostly by members of the Minnesota music community—with all proceeds supporting Dunlap’s long-term care following a stroke.

Randall’s songs have appeared in film and television, and he continues to write, record, and occasionally perform. 

After a long absence from the studio, pre-pandemic sessions yielded a wellspring of new music from the Randall songbook. With the backing of Minneapolis music luminaries John Eller (bass, piano), Noah Levy (drums), John Duncan (organ), Adam Levy (guitar), Karly Randall (backing vocals), and Chris Lynch (keyboards), Randall’s first full album in over 20 years, Some Distant Saturday, will be released on September 17, 2021.

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